This Token Is a Newly Launched Token

Contract Address

This Token Is a ETH Chain Token

Token Symbol: GONA

Initial Token Holders

Not Established Enough To Be Tracked By Oxblox

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Chain Token Name Holders Deployed
WEED TOKEN 3 2 Minutes Ago
Digital_Art_Movement 3 5 Minutes Ago
SIGMA 5 8 Minutes Ago
Wrapped Meme 2 15 Minutes Ago
APE KING 2 17 Minutes Ago
RealHarryPotterObamaSmurf10Cat 13 24 Minutes Ago
Rocket PEPE 3 24 Minutes Ago
Chinese PePe 13 27 Minutes Ago
N0Th1ng Token 12 32 Minutes Ago
Pepe Apple 10 41 Minutes Ago

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