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BLOX Burn Data 🔥

Here You Can View BLOX Burn Data And How BLOX Supply Will Always Decrease

$BLOX Is The Platform Utility Token. It Can Be Used To Access BLOX Top Charts, Gems Alert, Moonshots And Advertising In Our Crypto Directory

Holding $BLOX Allows You To Gain Access To Premium Features

Next Burn 275,863 $BLOX 🔥
0.38% Of Circulating Supply
Estimated Value in USD $119.07

Circulating Supply Burn Chart

Starting Supply
100,000,000 BLOX

Total BLOX Left

DEX Supply Available

How Does BLOX Supply Decrease?

1% Of Every Transaction Is Currently Burned 🔥 (see docs)

1% Of Every Transaction Is Reflected To All Holders Including Dead Wallet Increasing Burn

The Dead Wallet Currently Holds 27,536,433 BLOX

As The Dead Wallet Balance Increases It Receives More Of The 1% Reflected To Holders

Speeding Up The Burn Of BLOX 🔥

Want To Help The Burn? $BLOX Is Available On

2% Buy / Sell Tax

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